The dynamics of transition from laminar to turbulent flows remains to this day a major challenge in theoretical and applied mechanics. A series of IUTAM symposia held over the last thirty five years at well-known centres of research in the subject - Stuttgart, Novosibirsk, Toulouse, Sendai, Sedona (Arizona), Bangalore and Stockholm - has proved to be a great catalyst which has given a boost to research and our understanding of the field.

Currently, the field is changing significantly with several emerging directions. The eighth meeting in the series is being held in Rio de Janeiro, to discuss progress after the Stockholm meeting in 2009 and chart out important future directions.



News about IUTAM-ABCM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition

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Poster program.

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ICTAM-2016, International Congress of theoretical and Applied Mechanics - Montreal, Canada.

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15-08-2014 - The symposium program is now available.

Download the program using this link

15-08-2014 - The symposium program is now available.

Download the program using this link

30-04-2014 - Online registration is now open.

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17-03-2014 - The notification of acceptance has been postponed to 31/Mar/2014 21/Apr/2014.


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17-12-2013 - Abstract submission deadline has been extended. New deadline is December 23, 2013


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We are sorry that there were technical problems on the IUTAM-ABCM LTT web site that were difficult to resolve during the weekend.

Despite the difficulties, several authors contacted the organization and submitted their abstract via email. We thank them for having insisted on the submission, this showed the strength of the event. Overall we had a very large number of submissions from an also very large number of countries. Quite understandbly, some authors were confused with the situation and did not submit their abstract. Because of that, the organization decided to extend the deadline of abstract submission to 23 of december of 2013.


We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the organization if you have difficulties.

01-09-2013 - Submit your abstract! Deadline is December 15, 2013

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